A wide-angle view looking west down Hull Minster's nave.

Highlights Trail

Hull Minster has many wonderful highlights that convey its deep connection with history, art and spirituality.

Explore our Highlights Trail to see some of the most interesting (and intriguing!) things we have to offer.

A black and white etching/woodcut shows ships on the River Humber with Hull in the background.

Military Heritage Trail

Many features and monuments in the Minster highlight how Hull and its citizens have played a part in military history and wars over the centuries. For over 300 years it was a garrison town, with troops in the Castle (later, Citadel).

Take this trail to explore some of the monuments on…

An old map showing the city of Hull in 1735.

Civic Trail

Holy Trinity church was at the heart of Hull’s city centre: a civic, as well as religious centre. This map shows Holy Trinity on a map of Hull published by Thomas Gent, 1735.

In the Middle Ages, Mayors, Sheriffs and merchants built chantries and almshouses around it. After the…

Emma de Selby

Women of Holy Trinity

Hull Minster has stood at the heart of the city of Hull for more than 700 years, and resultantly, the church has seen many interesting and enterprising individuals during this time, many of them women. In this trail you can explore their lives, times and connections to Hull and the Minster, from…

Image of stone carving of lady with flowing hair and her head in her hands in grief

The Craftsmen of Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity as it looks today is the culmination of centuries of craft and graft. In this trail, we're going to look in detail at the lives, times and work of the many craftsmen and craftswomen who helped make the Minster. 

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