Mary Hutchinson was a student of renowned London stained glass artist, Christopher Whall, who was a leader of the Arts and Crafts movement.  She worked in Whall's studio and was involved in designing and painting many of his major works, including the windows in the Lady Chapel and Chapter House at Gloucester Cathedral.  

Mary worked at the Whall workshops for ma

Black and white photograph of people at a garden party in 1900
Mary Hutchinson at a garden party with staff and family of Christopher Whall. C1900. Mary is seated on the viewers left.

ny years but retired owing to poor eyesight.  She is recorded as living at 'Heatherlea' in Hessle at the time of her Uncle's death in 1935. He left her £7748 in his will. She later moved to Devon and died in Exmouth in 1951. 

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Work: Lille Window 

In the South Choir Aisle is the window erected by the brother and sister of the Rev. David Keys Moore, former Vicar of St James’, Hull and British Chaplain in Lille throughout the First World War, as a thanksgiving for the deliverance of Lille and for the safe return of its Chaplain. 

The window was designed and painted by Miss Mary Hutchinson, the niece of D.K. Moore. The design for the Lille window was exhibited at the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 1920. 

It  is founded on the ‘sanctus’ in the Holy Communion,  

Holy, Lord God of hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Thy Glory’. 

The four Archangels: Gabriel the messenger carrying a lily (winter); Michael the warrior carrying a sword (Autumn); Uriel with the sun (summer); Raphael the traveller or healer (spring). 

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