Archaeological finds

Coffin plate

Common name(s): The Westerdale coffin plate
Catalogue ID: 716


This coffin plate is made of copper alloy. It is the only readable coffin plate to be found in Holy Trinity churchyard and was attached to the coffin of William Westerdale. He was buried next to his daughter, Esther. He was one of the last people to be buried in the churchyard and was right against the wall next to the terraced housing of King Street. The plate reads 'Wm Westerdale, [part illegible] May 1837, Ad 66 years'.

The plate is unusual for its strong angled shield shape. This and thickness of the metal suggest it might have been made by the metal workers at Westerdale's own shipyard, rather than an undertaker.

Inscription and donor(s)

Wm Westerdale, [part illegible] May 1837, Ad 66 years

Physical attributes & manufacture

Date of manufacture
1837 or later


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