Archaeological finds

Siegburg ware bowl

Common name(s): The Holy Trinity Siegburg bowl
Catalogue ID: 709


This bowl was made between 1350 and 1550 from stoneware clay from the Siegburg area of Rhineland, Germany. It is likely to have been traded up the river Rhine to the ports of the Netherlands and then on to Hull.

It was found beneath the ground in a corner next to the nave wall near the South Porch. The oldest parts of the church are found in this area and in the 1400s there would have been a chapel on this spot, called the Mariner's Chapel. This bowl may have been used in this chapel or by the priests who came here.  Could it have been for water, wine or hand washing? Was it a sacred object or for domestic use? We are trying to find out.

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Physical attributes & manufacture

Date of manufacture
15th century


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