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Common name(s): The fisherwoman plate
Catalogue ID: 673


This small decorated child's plate is made of Staffordshire Pearlware decorated with a transfer print, possibly by William Ridgeway & Co. It was found at Trinity Burial Ground, Castle Street, and dates from between 1830-1850.

It shows a lady in rural clothing carrying a fish in a riverside or coastal scene. There are fishing boat and the remains of a wooden jetty nearby. It is possible that the plate originally belonged to a family involved with the fishing industry.

The image on this tiny plate would have been appealing to local Hull people. The picture is reminiscent of the staiths at the foreshore, and he fish looks like a hug catch of cod. At her side you can see the marks of horses hooves in the mud or sand. Behind her, in the water is a rigged sailing vessel.

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