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Wall Tablet - John Harneis

Catalogue ID: 24


Vertical rectangular wall tablet of white marble, enclosed in frame of black marble. Incised black Roman lettering in Caps. and l/c. The frame at the top and bottom is missing.

Inscription and donor(s)

To the Memory of/ JOHN HARNEIS ESQr./ who died Janry.10th. 1813 aged 71,/ and whose Remains are interred/under a Marble/at the outer Base of this Wall/ A Man/ In the endearments of private life/ amiable, inoffensive and conciliating;/In the discharge of public duties/upright, active and benevolent;/To the former Virtues bears testimony/the sincere and deep regret/ of a large circle of Friends;/ The latter are recorded/ in the unanimous thanks addressed to him/a Sheriff, A.D.1789,/ by the grateful Prisoners in the County Goal (sic) of this Town;/accordant with that Tribute/ was the highly honourable present/ of a Bust of Himself/ from that eminent Philanthropist,/JOHN HANWAY,/in approbation of the exertions/of the deceased/in promoting the Establishment of the Marine School/ founded A.D.1786:/ such lastly was the high degree of respect/ felt by the Corporation of the Trinity House/ of which he was/ four times the Warden and for several years the Father/ that the Members attended his Funeral/ in their Robes/ an Honour never before conferred by that Body/ on any Individual./


Forename(s) Family name Dates
John Harneis 1813

Physical attributes & manufacture

Date of manufacture
First quarter of 19th century
Dimension Value Notes
Height 1100mm
Width 780mm
Depth 40mm


Choir aisle S. wall S.


  1. Top and bottom white marble rails are broken and decayed (top has been spalled by rusting fixings)
  2. Side frame is discoloured and surface is degraded
  3. Lettered panel is a little dirty

Conservation Suggestions:

  1. Remove top and bottom rail & replace.
  2. Assess main lettered panel fixings and allow for renewing in stainless steel
  3. Clean
  4. Provisionally dismantle & re-fix, remove coatings


NADFAS (1986); Andy Gomersall, Condition Report (2020)


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