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George Alan and Arthur Cecil Webster plaque


Wall Plaque - George Alan & Arthur Cecil Webster

Common name(s): Webster brothers plaque
Catalogue ID: 23


Horizontal rectangular brass plaque commemorating two brothers killed in WW1: 2nd Lieutenants George Alan (1889-1918) and Arthur Cecil Webster (1894-1917). They were grandsons of former mayor Zachariah Pearson. Both were senior choristers. George was killed in 1918, aged 29, Arthur at Oppy Wood in 1917, aged 23. Arthur left a wife, Maud, and two infants. George had been married to Mary Louise Pretty for only 5 weeks. Another brother lost an arm. The plaque quotes Sir John Stanhope Arkwright’s O Valiant Hearts.

Mounted on bevelled wood baseboad with four screws. Gothic lettering inlaid with black. Capital letters inlaid with red. Inscription contained within bi-axial frame of cusped triangles. At each corner of the frame there is a Fleuree cross with a circle at each corner within a quatrefoil. At the middle top of the frame is the badge of the E. Yorkshire regiment.

Inscription and donor(s)

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
George Alan Webster, 2.nd Lieut. East Yorks. Regt.
Killed in action in France, Sept. 1918, Aged 29 Years.
Arthur Cecil Webster, 2.nd Lieut. East Yorks. Regt.
Killed in action in France, 3.rd May 1917, Aged 23 Years.
Both had been Senior Choristers in this Church.

All that they hoped for, all they had they gave,
To save mankind, themselves they scorned to save.


Forename(s) Family name Dates
George Alan Webster 1918
Arthur Cecil Webster 1917

Physical attributes & manufacture

Date of manufacture
First Quarter of 20th century
Dimension Value Notes
Height 355mm Brass
Width 610mm Brass
Depth 50mm Brass
Height 405mm Wood
Width 660mm Wood
Depth 37mm Wood


Retrochoir, East End, East Wall of raised Choir
After 1986
Choir aisle S. wall S.


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